Monday, November 16, 2009

Time---would you just slow down a little bit?

Here are some pictures I just took the other day. I can not believe how fast time flies and how quickly my baby boy is growing!

Time would you please just slow down a little bit?

The Apple Did Not Fall Far From The Tree

If you know Russ then I really do not need to explain anything concerning this picture of Analayne on a creeper under our car. The apple did not fall far from the tree!

The pink shotgun

IF you disappear and leave Analayne with daddy for even just a minute (or 6 minutes)at Opry Mills mall you might return to find Analayne completely in awe of a pink pop air shot-gun. As I returned from my 6 minute (or 15 minute) Carters, Gymboree speed shopping trip I could hear the air-pops as I entered Bass Pro Shop. She is her daddy's girl!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Famous Painting

Have I ever mentioned that my child is creative (and silly, and spunky, and full of tenacity--- and that I love this about her?) Well, I do...just sayin!

Last week I picked Analayne up from school and she had painted a picture. The teacher asked her the open ended question, "tell me about your painting" and then wrote her exact reply on the paper. The reply was, "my daddy on a donkey." Why yes... yes of course you painted a picture of daddy riding a donkey. By the way...daddy has never taken a ride on a donkey---but that is beside the point. When I sincerely complimented Analayne on her painting she replied "it was really hard to paint. I did a good job." I replied, I know you did awesome. I bet it was hard to paint. I laugh myself silly every time I look at the picture but I LOVE IT. Daddy loves the picture too and he was so proud that she painted a picture of him. I am saving this picture forever. At our house this picture is famous. The painting is hanging on our magnetic door where everyone can see it and who knows someday as a result of my blog posting it might be famous world-wide right?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Going to Preschool

In June I made the mistake of telling the most social child ever that she would begin preschool in the fall. It was definitely a mistake to begin preparing her so early because I would conservatively estimate that she asked me no less than 3,000 times if she would be going to school "today?" Each day you can imagine my secretive rolling eyes as I patiently and gently replied, "no not today." However, on September 7th the day finally arrived and I helped Analayne get dressed, pack her lunch, get her backpack ready and load into the car for her first day at preschool. I can truly say that I was excited for her. As I have mentioned before this kid is full of spunk and tenacity (have I mentioned that I LOVE this about her?) and I know this year is going to be just great for her. Her excitement about her learning environment is awesome! We are now 3 weeks into the school year and she is just soaking up every thing. She has new stories to tell me everyday. She especially loves the class pet (a hermit crab named Herbby) and thus far I am pretty sure she is a fan of the playground...specifically the sand. I always know she has been in the sand box when she gets into the car, takes her shoes off and pours some sand out. It took me two days to realize that the smarter thing to do would be emptying her shoes before we got in the car! Here are some pics of the first day of school.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Gold or Silver Could Make You Feel This Powerful...

Check out our family bracelets Analayne made us. I don't know about you but you start feeling rather powerful when everyone has a fancy bracelet on. I am thinking about wearing my bracelet everyday!

My Dear Analayne

My Dearest Daughter,

Another year has flown by and my how you have grown. You are 4 years old now! I am constantly amazed by you and your spunk, creativity and sweetness. Watching you grow and learn is a blessing. I feel so blessed that God has entrusted me to be your mommy and honestly that is not something I take lightly. I truly feel that motherhood is God’s calling on my life and despite our most difficult days I still cherish it all. Sometimes I think about how much I love you and I am still amazed that Our Heavenly Father loves you even more than I could ever imagine.

I remember the day you were born just as if it had happened yesterday. I remember the long (oh so very long natural labor) but my most vivid memory was when they placed you in my arms with your eyes fixated on me and your mouth wide open. I remember the first night in the hospital after you were born; it was about 2:00am and suddenly I awoke and headed to the nursery to check on you. There you were wide awake, laying in your bassinette with your gigantic blue eyes scanning your surroundings. You were just a few hours old and nonetheless you were already embracing life, taking it all in.

This year your baby brother, Leighton has entered our world. My how you love him, watch out for him, try to protect him and in your own way you advocate for him. Just the other day as I was bathing you both you said, “Mom, Leighton told me a secret.” I replied, “Well, what did he tell you?” You said, “He wants some pudding and some ice-cream.” I thought to myself, why yes… I am sure he does. The next day as Leighton was napping you said, “Mom, I don’t like to sleep. I like it when the sun comes up and we get out of bed.” Once again, I thought to myself, why yes… you certainly do! However, in my sleep deprived way I love that about you. You love life and you love people. You take life on full heartedly and I love that about you. You don’t want to miss a moment and I don’t want to miss it either.

I love being your mother. Some days I am challenged and stretched more than you could ever understand but the happiness and joy that you add to my life is worth every bit. I love you. Happy Birthday!

(letter written July 2009)